What is The D Method Personal Training Designed for Women?


Equinox Tier II Personal Trainer. Studied Holistic Health & Nutrition at CHEK Institute. Owner at D Method Personal Training for Women. Studied Personal Training/Nutrition at American College of Sports Medicine.

Pain Treatment

Licensed Massage Practitioner (LMP) at Los Angeles Vocational Institute.
Studied Pain Treatment : Sciatic, Carpel Tunnel, plantar fasciitis, neck paing at The Center for Neurosomatic Studies (CNS).

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates Certified.

Cardio and Strength Circuits

Experience a tailored fitness and nutrition program designed for your body and goals. All sessions include stretch, mobility, cardio, strength, core and tons of fun liberating yourself in movement!

The D Method

This personal training fitness program was created for women of all beautiful shapes, curves, strengths, flexibility levels and sizes that want to get to their happy place with their bodies and maintain great health and vigor. This website is for the busy working women who don’t have all day to spend in the gym or in the kitchen preparing gourmet meals.

The D Method Lifestyle Training Program is for the fitness newbie, the enthusiast that needs extra motivation or assistance with form and creating the best possible supplement, nutrition and fitness protocol to hit goals and keep them for a lifetime! This site is for the gal that might not be comfortable in the weight room (but wants to be!), the woman who wants simple explanations and practical action strategies to apply in daily life. Real life. Your life.

The D Method is a coaching, fitness, health, empowering place to help anyone find the time and enthusiasm to take care of herself.

This program has no dogmatic exercise prescription or rigorous food list, no foods to measure, or calories to count, you’ll be amazed at the freedom you have in your exercise and food choices with just a few action items. You’ll learn how to build muscle, lose body fat and not just lose weight, but gain body tone while shedding body fat and increasing bone density.

I recommend checking out the Proactive Health to find out your Body Fat, Micro nutrient Profile and find great safe supplements.

The exercise and nutrition suggestions on this site are not intended for clinical purposes. Always consult your physician, dietitian or clinical nutritionist for advice before starting any exercise, nutrition, supplement program.