Real Food

No Rules, just and Inner Guidance and Flexatarian Dieting


Diana Szekely, is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Paul Chek Holisitic Lifestyle Coach (HLC), Neuromuscular Therapist (NMT) and can help you find your inner peace with food, mind, body to help you get and sustain the results you’re after in a safe caring healing methodology.

In synthesis, my whole approach boils down to meeting your individual needs.

This requires that you have access to your instincts, intellect, imagination, and intuition. If you don’t, you’re more likely to follow diet dogmas that are unsustainable and end up yo-yo dieting or being miserable and then bingeing!

What is Flex-a-tarian Dieting?

1. Genetic Individuality

Each person has genetic individuality. Your genetic needs are greatly influenced by your parents’ genes. Your genetic origins can range from desert dwelling people where there is often little big game to eat and high plant consumption is the norm, to Eskimos who eat 90% of their diet as flesh and fat. Each of us can fall anywhere on that scale.

You may have one parent that does well on very little meat, and another whose roots are Scandinavian where long winters and a frozen ground meant meat was essential for survival and therefore programmed into their genes. And any individual may emulate one parent more strongly in their dietary needs, or express any variation within the range of their ancestry.

2. Stress Factors

Stress of any physical, emotional or mental nature can significantly change an individual’s dietary needs. If your dietary pattern is too fixed, you can eat yourself deeper into a potential illness/disease state. If you are in touch with your instincts and not stuck in a diet dogma, you’ll adapt naturally to dietary changes.

If you take most any vegetarian into a gym, start loading them and increasing the rate of protein destruction, they are very likely to crave meat because meat is a high protein/fat source that supports most people’s genetic needs easily. Weston A. Price showed clearly in his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration that there were no “healthy vegetarian tribes to be found in the world”. Whenever he found one that seemed pretty healthy, there were healthier meat eating tribes nearby.

In his excellent book, Metabolic Man: Ten Thousand Years from Eden (The Long Search for a Personal Nutrition From our Forest Origins to the Supermarkets of Today) Charles Heizer Wharton offers an analysis of the efficiency of gatherers vs. hunters for meeting their needs. He shows that hunting for meat is more efficient and therefore, more likely to support life.

3. Individualized Eating

We all have an obligation to ourselves, to each other, and to the planet.

If we aren’t wise enough to teach our younger generations about life, how it works, and what we must do to support Mother Nature so she can continue to support us in our own growth and development, then our problems are sure to escalate.

After 30 years of committed study in the profession of Holistic Health, I’ve come to the conclusion that eating with the conscious intention of feeding your body what legitimate organic plant and/or flesh foods it needs is what it takes to be healthy.

Only healthy people can make healthy decisions as a general rule. Only healthy people are open minded enough to keep themselves healthy and not participate in dogmas that may sound good, but really just suppress our natural instincts and don’t actually create health.

I also love myself enough to know that nature designed each and all to participate in a natural balancing act called “Life”.

Eat to Balance Your Body-Mind – Paul Chek